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Author Topic: Guild Rules, Goals, Ranks, and Expectations  (Read 5087 times)


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Guild Rules, Goals, Ranks, and Expectations
« on: February 18, 2009, 05:44:19 PM »
Many of these rules are borne of our bad experiences in our first guild and along the way as this guild evolved. We want to avoid to the reasonable extent within our control those instances that have proven to make the game less enjoyable for the guild. We want this to be great fun for all involved so please remember we are in this together and there is no room for greed in our guild.

1. General Conduct
  • You are expected to behave in a mature manner when dealing with anyone on the server, especially in public channels. Do not, under any circumstances, degrade other players in a public channel. Do not degrade your guild tag. Do not act childish and/or immature. If someone flames you, do not flame back; simply ignore them and move on.
  • All of the above applies to fellow guildmates, as well. Try to settle personal conflicts maturely and privately before attempting to involve officers or permanently disregarding a guildmate.

2. Raid Conduct
  • Conduct detrimental to the raid as a whole is not tolerated. This includes but is not limited to continuous poor performance, failing to listen to instructions, constant afks, and chattering in vent during an encounter.
  • If you are going afk during a raid you must notify an officer. Any unexplained afk for greater than 10 minutes will result in removal from the raid as well as the loss of any DKP earned for the night. The same penalty will occur for the other offenses listed above.
  • Continuous poor conduct of any sort, as determined by Aspects, may result in losing raid slot priority.

3. Attendance
  • If your 30-day attendance drops below 80% you will be liable to lose raid slot priority. In addition, you are expected to have a 60% 60-day attendance in order to maintain a drake rank.
  • You are required to post in the schedule forums if you are are going to be late or unable to attend a raid. Failure to observe this rule will incur a 10 DKP penalty.
  • After an absence of four weeks, drakes will be demoted to wyrm and lose both loot and raid spot priority. If officers determine you're raiding the bare minimum specifically to circumvent this rule, council may take action anyway.
  • For Dragon+ ranks: If you plan on coming back and are able to either find a temporary and satisfactory replacement or stay active in administrative roles, you can maintain your rank; however, you will still lose your raid spot and loot privileges.

4. Wait List
  • While on the wait list you are to be ready at all times: when called you need to be in the zone within five minutes. If you are called and don't show, you will lose all DKP earned for the night. Logging on alts and keeping your main outside the zone is acceptable. Remain on vent to hear your name to be called or make sure someone is listening for you.
  • Failure to remove yourself from the list if you are logging for the night will also result in a loss of all DKP earned for the night.
  • The waitlist commands are wl add, wl remove, and wl who. These commands should be whispered to the officer that is maintaining the waitlist (feel free to ask if you're not sure).
  • While on the list you will earn DKP as if you were in the raid.

5. Recruitment and Friends/Family
  • The Wyrm rank is a rank for alts, friends and family. This rank is excepted from raid invites. This rank is for non-raiding members of the guild, and for any other purpose should be treated as a Drake.
  • A "sponsor" is required to be considered as a Wyrm. Your sponsor should be a Drake or former Drake (in good standing) that agrees to be responsible for your actions as a Wyrm. Since you are wearing the Forgotten Aspects tag, you are expected to abide by all the rules listed here.
  • Main switching is allowed only with the approval of all current Aspects, and is subject to other restrictions as well as DKP normalization. In-depth rules can be found here.

6. Alts in other Guilds
  • Alts that are members of other raiding guilds are not allowed.
  • Guilded alts that people besides you have access to are not allowed.
  • If you have some special circumstance that you feel outweighs the above rules, contact the Aspects and we will evaluate the situation.

7. Punishment
  • In addition to the penalties listed in the above rules, additional loss of DKP, rank, raid spot, or guild spot is possible. You will be warned about breaking the rules and dealt with on a per instance basis, and except for egregious cases, will be given an opportunity to improve following the warning. Repeatedly breaking the rules will lead to harsher punishment and possibly being removed from the guild.

In conclusion, don't be scared of the rules. Basically, they're just here for structure and nothing else. Play the game the way it's meant to be played and treat others as you want to be treated and there should not be a problem. Have fun!

Guild Goals

Forgotten Aspects goal is to be one of the premier end game raiding guilds on Hyjal.  Striving to experience, gain loot, and beat all instances and raids that WoW has to offer.

Guild Ranks

Aspect - This is the highest rank in the guild. They are the main leaders and everything is run based on a council vote.  No one council members vote is higher than another.

The current Aspects are:
  • Loq
  • NaĆ©blis
  • Malfunctionz
  • Damnaterl
  • Unbrewable

Dragon - This rank is just below aspect. Each dragon typically has a specialized job that they do to ease the burden on the Aspects. In the event that an Aspect is not present in a raid or scheduled event, please listen to and obey whichever Dragon is "in charge."

The current Dragons are:
  • Damnater
  • Thant
  • Smokenfire
  • Pawkets

If you have issues with other guildmates, officers, guild policies, or anything else not defined as the Class Leader role above, you should still speak to any of the Dragons and Aspects that you feel comfortable approaching regarding those matters.

Drake - This is the general membership level, full loot and raid slot priority and in good standing. Drakes are expected to attend scheduled raids or make a post on the schedule if you can't make it. Drakes are the heart and soul of this guild, and are expected to act in accordance to the rules and expectations of FA.

Whelp - This is both a trial and a probation rank. Whelps have secondary loot and raid slot priority, meaning that they will not receive loot or a raid spot over a Drake. Trial members will have this status until they have proven themselves capable players who can get along with others and follow directions. Players who have been promoted to drake, will be demoted to this status at council's discretion and will remain there until we feel they have earned the right to be promoted.
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Re: Guild Rules, Goals, Ranks, and Expectations [updated 18 Feb.
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2009, 05:16:55 PM »
Revisions to guild rules
December 1, 2013
  • Updated Aspects, Dragons.
  • Updated F&F recruitment policy.

November 16, 2011
  • Updated Aspects, Dragons and Broodguards.
  • Added 80% attendance raid slot priority rule.
  • Added DKP penalty for failure to post in schedule forums if unable to attend.
  • Added link to Main Switching policy.
  • Added many unwritten rules.

August 31, 2009
  • Updated Aspects, Dragons and Broodguards.

April 11, 2009
  • Removed dual mains. While revising the DKP rules the Aspects decided that with the addition of 3.1 and dual specs, this was obsolete.
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