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Author Topic: Main Switching Rules [Updated for MoP]  (Read 3383 times)


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Main Switching Rules [Updated for MoP]
« on: November 17, 2011, 02:29:38 AM »
We realize that people play this game to have fun and enjoy themselves, and that an increasing number of people have since gained interest in playing a different class.  With this in mind we have decided to formalize the main switching process, particularly as it pertains to BBQ and raiding as these are really the only areas of guild governance where such a change creates complications. 

The rules were developed with the focus on people that wanted to change classes because they honestly enjoyed playing this new class better than their old main, and not out of some Vibe-like desire to gear up alt after alt to the detriment of overall guild progression.  We also wanted to avoid people abusing class cultures and the BBQ system to easily lock out everyone in their new classes.

In the situation that a class switch is called for by the aspects as an emergency to keep the guild running the person who would have class switched can bypass the re-recruitment period, but is still subject to DKP normalization.

As always, we reserve the right to make adjustments to these rules in the future as issues arise we haven't foreseen.

  • The character you're switching to must be level 90.
  • The character must at least have ilevel equivalent to the previous tier.
  • You must get the approval of all of the current Aspects.
  • You may not switch mains if you have done so within the same expansion.
  • Upon notifying council of your decision, you must allow for a replacement to be recruited if you are a crucial class.
  • You may still be asked to bring your old character if needed from time to time, of course.
  • You must go through the recruitment process again.
  • Any recruit will be put up against you for the raid spot if it is a recruited class.

DKP Normalization:
To compensate for point imbalances between classes, your BBQ will be normalized.  This will be done by determining the ratio of your BBQ to the average BBQ of those in your class and applying this ratio to the average BBQ of those in your new class.  Only those that raid with any frequency will be used in the averaging calculation.

Example Normalization:
Lewtzprz is a Warrior with 30 BBQ, while the average of the regularly raiding Warriors comes out to 20 points.  Lewtzprz wishes to switch from Warrior to Druid.  The Druids' average comes out to 35 points.  Lewtzprz's ratio is 30/20 = 1.5 (or 150% however you choose to look at it).  Applying his ratio to the Druid average you get 1.5 x 35 = 53 points.

Say Firesuicide is a Warlock with 40 points and the Warlock average comes out to 50 points.  His ratio is 40/50 = 0.8.  If Firesuicide were to switch to a Warrior he would have 0.8 x 20 = 16 points, and if were to join the Druids he would have 0.8 x 35 = 28 points.

Fraction points after normalization will be rounded to the closest whole number.
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