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Title: Application Process and Template
Post by: Tangster on May 23, 2006, 02:33:21 AM
Thank you for your interest in Forgotten Aspects. Please be sure to read the following completely as it will guide you through our rather complex application process. If you have any questions regarding the following, please contact Naeblis either via Personal Message or in-game, after you apply please add Naeblis#1734 via battle tag. To apply you must be at the level cap.  We will not consider the application of someone that is not at the level cap.

(NOTE: Even though Tangster originally made this posting, please do not contact him about recruitment.)

Step 1: The Application Post

Step 2: Contact

Step 3: Profit, err, I mean The Test

Step 4: Drake Status

Application Tips and Tricks:
Here are some sure-fire ways to ingratiate yourself with the FA crowd. A lot of quality apps have faded away because they didn't go the extra mile. Therefore, here are some recommendations to stand out.
Title: Re: Application Process and Template
Post by: Tangster on May 23, 2006, 02:35:28 AM
Application Template

Feel free to use bold and other formatting to increase the readability of your application if you so desire. Remove the bracketed Italic sentences when submitting please.
NOTE:  Failure to use this template will result in your application being marked as denied.
Note: When copying this template leave out the bracketed text in Italics.

Character Name:
Battletag: (This helps get in contact quicker, but is not mandatory.)
Level: (If you're not at level cap, don't bother.)
Armory Link:
(Please log out in the gear and spec you're applying as.)
Talent Spec Summary: (Please explain why you decided to choose the talents you did, and in what situations may consider using other alternatives.)
World of Logs or Warcraft Logs Combat Parse:
(Providing parses are a requirement)
Screenshot of your UI (please use (
(Preferably in a Raid setting. Again, this will help us get a general impression of your awareness and investment in your character.)
Time Played:
(Total and time at max level.)
Regular Playing Times:
*Be honest about your play time; if you become a whelp and your play times were not what you represented for raiding, it is grounds for being denied as a whelp.

Our raid times are:
Tuesday: 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Wednesday: 6:30pm to 10:30pm
Thursday: 6:30pm to 10:30pm
These are all server time, do you feel you can commit to ALL of these raids? We are looking for people with 90% or higher attendance, even higher for applicants.

Your Progression in Current Content.
(We are fairly progressed in current content, and as such we expect you should you pass the interview process to be able to step in and be an asset.)

Is you current PC able to handle anything Blizzard can throw at it? Or do you have frame drop issues, disconnects during intense activity, etc?

Whats your most anticipated upgrade for your current gear, and why?

What sites do you use to further your chosen class/spec? Do you use spreadsheets or gear selectors for upgrades or do you "wing" it?

WoW Guild History:
(A summary of notable guilds you have been in, a description of raids you have completed, and current progression you are working on.)

MMO History:
(Did you play any other games? or have you been a wowcrack addict for 5+ years?)

Do you consider yourself more into PvE, PvP, or a combination of the two?

(Guild members, if any, that know you well.  If you aren't 100% sure you know each other well, please ask them before using them as a reference. Running an instance with someone one time is not sufficient to use a person as a reference.  Please keep that in mind before putting someone's name down.)

About You:
(The above is just standard information we would like to see.  Write more about yourself, especially along the lines of giving us an idea of your personality, why you would like to join our guild, and what you would be bringing to the guild.  This section of the application is freeform if you choose to be creative, but it isn't expected.)

Have you read and understand our DKP policies regarding applicants/whelps/wyrms/drakes?
(Feel free to ask anyone in guild to help you with this lol.)